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//Cloud's Trading Post\\ {{8-3-11}}

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//Cloud's Trading Post\ {{8-3-11}}

Post by Cloud♥ on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:39 pm

Hello, Guest! This is my trading post! Feel free to browse and offer. Please read the notes for important information

-Satin Heart Dress (Blue)
-Sweater Boots (Black)
-Cheer Skirt (Pink)
-Cheer Top (Pink)
-Rhinestone Dress (Medium Purple)
-Pleated Shiny Skirt (Black)
-Rainbow Peace Scarf
-Satin Holiday Purse
-Justice Plaid Suspender Set (Black)
-Sparkle Denim Skirt
-Tie Dye Peace Shirt
-Cute Chick Outfit Top
-Ruffled Tye-Dye Top (Light Pink & Purple)
-Leopard Sweater Skirt
-I ♥ NY tee

-Floral Belted Tunic (Red)

-Holly Moose Pants
-Tiger Costume Top
-Tiger Costume Feet
-Tiger Costume Hat
-Clarice Bow
-Pink Cuddles Hat
-Kooky Spooky Kitty Shirt
-Turquoise Peace Duffel Bag (2)
-Velvet Puppy Hat
-iCarly Video Camera
-Snowman Hat

Miscellaneous Items:
-NGK Zebra Shirt(???)
-Irish Hat
-Rainbow Bag
-Maori Headband
-Bike Helmet (Badge Item)
-Jester Hat
-97 Messenger Bag (White)
-Cross Bear Shirt
-Laptop (Badge Item)
-Patched Khaki Pants (???)
-Brittany Vest (???)
-Peppermint Hat (???)
-Heart Bag (???)
-Hello Kitty Scarf (???)
-Santa Hat
-Explorer's Hat (RETIRED CODE)
-Leopard Print Outfit (Zoo outfit)
-White Guitar
-Buggle (Keytar)
-Greenhouse Tent

Current/Old BVO
Credit Codes (*)
Bear Codes (I'm not expecting offers of these at all, but if you do offer them, please tell me what kinda of bear it is first. :3
Anything that catches my eye

-(*) Means it is wanted badly.
-If you know ANYTHING about the items with (???) next to it, as far as what kind of item they are (PSI, quest, etc), where they came from (Name of quest, name of bear, etc.), ANYTHING AT ALL, please PM me!!!
-The 97 Messenger Bag is ONLY being traded for another color!
-I would prefer my pink cuddles hat be traded for a blue one, but I'm open to other offers.

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